DISCOVER. PLAY. LISTEN. The Amplified Radio Network is Canada’s leading electronic music radio network. ARN delivers dynamic and Canadian-driven electronic music radio content that moves with its audiences. 

ARN offers a mix of electronica, trip hop, deep house, tech house and techno music updated weekly. Our shows are currently aired in 1 hour and 2 hour versions on a combination of 35 terrestrial and online stations airing 45 times a week. Members stations are situated in the US and Canada’s top college and commercial radio markets and around the world online. ARN shows reach millions each week and streams hours of content monthly. We are committed to engaging and connecting with our listeners and their communities across the country.

Listening to radio is easier than ever and innovation continues to drive ARN as it redefines the listening experience and expands its' digital footprint. We deliver a great listening destination and build on our brand through dedicated streaming options that provide audiences with on-air content on-demand, whenever and wherever they want.