Why Are Filler Words A Problem?

Words are important. Like it or not the way we speak informs people’s opinions of us, their ability to hear our message and their ability to understand or comprehend what we have said. Whether you are doing a keynote address, a Zoom call, a team meeting or hosting a social gathering. Filler words have a tendency to distract listeners from what you are trying to say. It decreases intimacy, leads to listener fatigue and can in some cases lead to misinterpretation of your message. It does not mean you are not intelligent.

Here at the Amplified Radio Network we are experts in communication. Especially the spoken word. Our millions of weekly listeners can attest to this. We will help you to reduce and in some cases remove filler words and phrases like "um", "ah" and "you know". When we first connect we will do a needs assessment and discuss your desired outcomes. Then we will design a program to specifically address your needs and budget. We will help you to peel back the layers that result in rushed words and being uncomfortable with silence.

Connect with us so we can help you.